Professionally framed Limited Edition Watercolour by Trisha Romance.  In impeccable condition.  Certificate of Authenticity included.  Framed print measurements are 25 1/2” x 32 1/2 this is the total measure in the frame.

This would make an amazing Christmas gift.

Asking $450.00

COA, signed and numbered at 901/8500, MINT, beautifully double matted and framed at 29th AVE Artworks, buyer pays shipping. I work at a gallery and can professionally prepare this piece for shipping.

The beauty of a campfire is in watching its dance. The ethereal qualities are extreme, playing back and forth from the hottest part of the flame to the coolest shadowed crack in the rocks. The alpenglow, rocks, trees, snow, clouds and dancing flames conspired to inspire me. The fire warmed me, it cheered me up and dried me out. The experience was beyond words. – SL

Rare Lumbers print, in mint condition, frame shows minor signs of wear.  Non-smoking home.  173/390, signed.

From his description;

“Spring is about to give way to summer in The Big Catch. Of course Mr. Emmet and Sally, our ever-patient fisherman and his dog, are indulging in their favourite pastime — fishing. But in this image, I decided on a point of departure from previous Mr. Emmet paintings. Time to let him catch a fish. The moment has arrived. The fisherman’s bait is spotted by a large rainbow trout lurking beneath the surface of the rippling stream. Finally, the catch he has been waiting for. Mr. Emmet’s face reflects the same delight he likely experienced over many seasons of idle and relaxing fishing.”

Pathfinder – Red Fox framed limited edition print.  899/5000.  Frame is built around print.  Signed by Carl Brenders.

This print is an original signed, numbered limited edition release– 605/950- purchased from Mill Pond Press in 1987. Since purchase this print has been framed and matted in Maryland with one private owner. The frame is dinged, although it has protected the condition of the print itself.

Jim Daly wrote about this piece: I have tried to capture the moment when the evening breeze catches the tail of the kite and lifts it higher and higher, almost out of sight. The boy keeps it firmly anchored in his hand. He concentrates on his task while his sister keeps track of the climbing kite. I wanted to involve the viewer in painting by leaving the conclusion to the imagination. The simplicity of the landscape emphasizes the feeling of freedom while the dark shadows from the clouds create a feeling of mystery.

Rare Artist Print of Robert Bateman’s “Evening Light- White Gyrfalcon”

Museum Quality Framing

Frame Dimensions: 37″ Height x 31 1/2″ Width

Print Dimensions: 19 1/2″ height x 26″ width

Edition: 13/56 Artist Print


“If the falcon is the classical bird of prey, the gyrfalcon is the king of
the falcons. Although it is not necessarily faster or braver than the
peregrine, it is certainly bigger and can tackle larger prey.”
Robert Bateman



This is a Pencil Signed Numbered Offset Lithograph

Signed by the Artist
Paper Lithograph
Limited Edition
#268 out of 450 S/N
Image size 15 x 18 7/8
certificate of authenticity (COA) and portfolio

Master storyteller James C. Christensen’s “The Bride” is a beautifully detailed homage to the traditions and folklore of the wedding day. The stage for this joyous vision in a pastel palate is set in a Christensen fantasy world, as we join a maiden and her unusual wedding party sailing into destiny. Richly layered nuptial symbolism awaits your discovery: something old (the ruins in the background), something new (the egg on the pillow), something borrowed (a tan girl from Baroque artist Diego Velázquez), something blue (the flowing ribbon in the bride’s hair, a symbol of purity from ancient Israel).That’s only the beginning! Much like the art of marriage itself, Christensen’s “The Bride” promises years of unfolding pleasures.

Signed by the Artist
Paper Lithograph
Limited Edition#1302 out of 3000 S/N
Image size 11 3/4 x 9 1/4
certificate of authenticity (COA) and portfolio
“I think the cat is enjoying the music, despite his somewhat ambiguous expression, But you know cats. Sometimes they won’t let on that they’re enjoying anything.” – James Christensen

Framed numbered print 255/300 signed by artist; certificate of authenticity.

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