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Private art sales & Art by seller. List your art for sale…Limited edition prints, paintings,  sculpture, lithos, serigraphs. is a site to help you sell your art…from limited edition prints,
Giclee canvas fine art prints, to originals and sculpture.
Art for sale from private collectors from artists like: Robert Bateman, Carl Brenders, Trisha Romance and Fred Buchwitz and many, many more.
“How do I sell my art online?”…here is a solution. Want to scoop a deal?…this may also be the place.

A plethora of buyers around the globe run searches 24/7 for everything online…including artists and titles. Web crawlers and web-bots, spider the internet indexing new pages and update others. Once web pages are re-indexed with a search engine, your titles could be potentially available to anyone looking for them. This is powerful stuff! Get online. Let googlebots do the work.


There are a handful of ways to help move your limited edition prints and fine art canvases along.

  • Try to get your art into a gallery on consignment or commission basis.
  • How about garage sale / flea market…good luck with high value items.
  • Newspaper classifieds.
  • Selling it online and being found via search engines…ahhh yes.
  • Help people find you…and the art they are looking for!


  • Do a little homework and price it to sell…
  • Run searches online for your titles ‘in quotes’ to see what is out there for asking prices…as if you were a customer looking to buy. Depending on the title, you should find some on some of the major sites like ebay, and maybe a few independent sites.
  • Take the lows, from what you find, see if that’s what it’s worth to sell. If a buyer is after a piece of art, and finds 5 to choose from, they will obviously lean on the best price, with the least amount of risk.
  • We can broker your deal too, providing a safe, secure transaction. Only if you choose…details are on the site. If framed…send a photo…(that’s free by the way)…upload it straight from the art submission page
  • Make it easy for the buyer to decide… unless the framing is horrible I suppose.
  • Don’t expect “retail current market value insurance replacement….”It’s worth what someone will pay for it right? Sometimes sellers simply want too much, or are in dreamland, or are mislead into what their art is worth.